Virtual Reality Escape Room

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Have You Tried Escape Room 
in Virtual Reality?

Escape The LOST PYRAMID is an amazing escape room experience set in the world of Assassin’s Creed Origins. Two or Four players can team up and work together in solving puzzles, climbing through pyramids, figuring heiroglyphics and finding the lost artifact. You have SIXTY minutes to escape.

Are you UP for the CHALLENGE?

Escape room experience in virtual reality is similar to a real escape room experience, ONLY BETTER. Players get the thrill and excitement in working together as a team and solving the problem, but with the power of VR this takes place in magical and lost places that cannot be replicated in real life.

Book Your Slots Now to enjoy this amazing experience. A new and amazing way to go on a date, Great for Corporate team building events or for friends to have an amazing time together working as a team. 


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