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Let’s face it, Date nights have become boring. Movies and dinners are OK but they lack the excitement. What dating needs is a makeover. Whether its your first date or a routine for long term couples, what dating needs is that SPARK!

What better way than to lock your self with your date in a  virtual reality escape room

Escape rooms are largely popular because of teamwork. Whether it’s the first or the hundredth date, a virtual reality escape room is a memorable experience that stands out against an endless string of movies and dinners. An escape room date takes partners out of their comfort zones and into a role-playing experience that allows for collective problem-solving and communication.

Maybe you’ve already been looking into an adrenaline-inducing date night option. And perhaps you’ve considered extreme sports, like skydiving. Though exciting, many of these options are expensive and can be too extreme for some partners. A virtual reality escape room is the perfect, cost-effective option for partners looking to add a rush to their date night. VR Escape rooms operate on a time limit, so participants must work quickly and efficiently to beat the clock and, quite literally, escape the room.

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VR Territory is a virtual reality arcade dedicated to bringing the best virtual reality games and vr experiences at an affordable pricing to everyone in the community.

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