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What is better than VR,

Have you tried VR or cant get enough VR or Do you feel VR is Too expensive to get your fill! On Sep 27th we are introducing VR BUFFET NIGHT!!! ALL YOU CAN PLAY VIRTUAL REALITY for just $10, Make it a fun filled night for you, your family and friends. Pizza and Soda included. Play multiplayer games, switch between different experiences and enjoy VR without any limitations. 

  • NO Reservations Needed
  • First come first serve basis
  • $10 per person at Entrance (only Cash accepted)
  • Slice of Pizza and Soda included
  • Multiple virtual reality experiences
  • Each person gets 15 minutes and then switch to a different experience or game
  • Unlimited rotation
  • If an experience has people waiting please await your turn

September 27th – 7pm to 9pm

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