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Arena VR

What is Arena VR?

Arena VR is a multi-player, free-roam wireless VR experience. A unique package, different from our regular VR experiences. Arena VR uses wireless VR headsets in a 17'x17' space, allowing you to physically walk around  to explore the VR world, whilst working together with your friends. If your friend is 2 feet away from you in the physical world, you will see their VR character 2 feet away in the VR world! Our Arena VR library is chock-full of unique, free-roam multiplayer experiences. Shoot zombies next to your friends, solve horror puzzles, defeat alien spiders, search for paranormal pests, the list goes on and on!


*Arena VR is a 1-3 Player Experience

Arena VR Game Library

LA Deadzone

An unknown virus rapidly spread through Los Angeles. The infection left thousands of undead roaming the streets. The west coast has collapsed with only a few people remaining. All hope of making it out alive was lost until hearing a radio message from a resistance group. To survive the group must work together and make it through the fallen city.

Introducing The ARENA with LA Deadzone. An Free Roam Experience. Players will physically walk through the environment to naturally progress through the story with no artificial locomotion. The Players experience an intense survival adventure fighting off zombies as they try to escape. 

A Wireless Free Roaming experience unlike any other. A step up in virtual reality.

Dimension 12


Extra-dimensional Travel has become reality now. Extra-dimensional Exploration Alliance, EXA is formed to explore and safeguard the boundless dimensions. A newly formed rookie team, lead by Commander Ric had been assigned to an unexpected mission after their systems were interrupted by an unknown sources. Battle giant spiders, flying drones, whilst weilding flamethrowers and laser guns in this amazing Arena game!

Dimension 13


EXA Troopers were sent to DIMENSION 13 to rescue their teammates who had been missing during their last mission; and only to realise that they had fell into a trap of an evil entity. DIMENSION 13 is a puzzle solving horror VR game.

The Raft


In this thrilling, cooperative, multiplayer VR experience, you and friends will board The Raft and defend the swamp against an infestation of supernatural creeps.

Venture deep into the heart of the swamp, select weapons and employ tactics to combat your outer-worldly adversaries.

With enemies emerging from the shoreline, the water, and the sky, it’ll take all four players to make it through the swamp safely.

Mission Critical


Technology giant ‘Orbital Innovations’ is having some difficulties at one of their manufacturing facilities. Your team are being sent in to clean up the mess. Mission Critical is a high-tension, creepy, stroy game filled with robot spiders, robot humans, and evil flying drones!

The Last Squad


Get to know the story behind this dreadful Alien invasion. The Last Squad is an arena-style game like Call of Duty Zombies, in which you and your team fight aliens in waves, whilst the game gradually gets harder, and you and your team get better gear. Come and join The Last Squad of the Human Resistance!


1 Game (Up to 20 minutes) : $15 per person

2 Games (Up to 40 minutes) : $25 per person

3 Games (Up to 60 minutes) : $35 per person

*Get an Additional 10% OFF when you book Three Games!

*Minimum of 2 players required