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Premium VR

<Flip your phone to the landscape position for the best experience>

What is Premium VR?

Premium VR is our top of the line, room-scale, virtual reality package.

Premium VR gives you access to our premium library, consisting of our action-packed AAA titles and multi-player experiences, along with our Basic VR package library. Games/Experiences in our Premium VR library are multi-player and their difficulties range from beginner to expert level.

Premium VR is a recommended package for families and groups of friends who want to have multi-player fun!

For each Premium VR station you purchase, the player gets access to their own 8' x 8' VR station, unlimited game choices, and 60 minutes of playtime.

Benefits of Premium VR?

  • 60-minute Play
  • Access to our Premium Library, which has most of our multi-player experiences
  • Access to our entire library
  • Play an Unlimited amount of games
  • Player in Player Recording



60 minutes: $35 per station (Purchase 3 or

more stations and receive 10% off)